Where’s my order?

Orders should be delivered within 48 hours of the order and payment being received. If you have not received your order, please email us orders@cheaperconsumables.me.uk

How do I become a member of CheaperConsumables?

Becoming a member of CheaperConsumables gives you additional discounts on our CheaperConsumables website and access to money saving services offered by the CheaperGroup.

In order to become a member of CheaperConsumables, you can create an account directly on the CheaperConsumables website. Customers of CheaperWaste or CheaperPay are issued with membership details as part of our sign up process.

Please check out our CheaperGroup website www.cheapergroup.co.uk for further details on how the CheaperGroup can save your business money everyday.